I'm Laura!

It all started after graduating from university. I was suddenly on my own in the real world (scary) & it was time to create my own destiny. So after many (huge) slices of cake & cups of coffee it all began…

Throwing away greetings cards has always given me a headache. I’d often find myself piling up my birthday cards, putting them in a draw, only to stumble across them again & feel the same guilt about having to put the lovely messages people had sent me, in the bin!

I’m slightly addicted to sweet food, & rather partial to a cocktail (or two), so that’s where my idea came from… I don’t profess to being an amazing baker, (however i have won a rosette for my chocolate brownies!), but i love sharing these easy recipes with my friends & family, & it’s great to think that other people can now do the same with my greetings cards! i bake, make & style all of them, & of course enjoy the end product!

Any questions, please get in touch x